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What is Sing Songo? 


Sing Songo has been created to bring all the fun, magic and musical and educational expertise of Musiko Musika’s videos, classes and publications into an easy-to-use app. All the materials and activities have been specifically designed for 2 -to-5 year olds to have  a great time making music whilst learning at the same time.


As you may know we have a range of nurseries that have taken part in Songo’s wellbeing project which has been specifically designed to support children with developing good speech and language skills. Your child has been taking part in music classes with Musiko Musika over the past term; with the use of the Sing Songo app, your child can continue with their learning at home! 

Before following the download instructions for the app please click on the button below and fill out the User Registration Form

Sing Songo - downloading the app


The Sing Songo app is available to be downloaded via the App Store or Play Store for both Apple and Android devices. 


Simply search for ‘Sing Songo’ app or use the download links provided


Sing Songo app (Android)

Sing Songo app (Apple)


With links to our YouTube videos the app provides a convenient way to sing and learn at home! The app benefits from many features and useful content for the entire family to enjoy. Please feel free to explore all of the features the app offers.


To further benefit from the app, register via your email address or mobile number for a more personalised experience.

Sing Songo - Registering yourself on the app

Watch the video for registration instructions or please follow the instructions written below:

Sing Songo Home Screen.png

Register your device


You can register your device to be able to access more content. 

You will just need to provide an email address or a mobile number. 


If you have already given permission for your child’s nursery to give your registration details to Musiko Musika just enter your email address or mobile number when prompted.

Once you are signed up you will receive updates via the app once a week notifying you about new content.

Have a great time exploring and using the app with your child. 

Sing along with Songo’s Selection, use the Sing and Learn page for activities, choose a Song or enjoy one of Songo’s Songbooks, World of Music or the Magic Box!



Please use the feedback function and let us know how you are getting on with the app.

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