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‘Quimantu' and ‘Musiko Musika’ are the two names by which we have chosen to identify the vision and the artistic path by which we walk through life and share our cultural aspirations in education, respect, freedom and justice for humanity. Quimantu, the Anglo-Chilean band that was founded by Mauricio Venegas-Astorga in 1981 has always had a social and cultural mission that extended beyond the band’s work in creating, performing, and recording music. In 1998 that mission took shape as a new organisation – Musiko Musika – an organisation that could work in parallel to Quimantu, reaching further than the band could alone, engaging children, young people, families and the community with music as a powerful agent for social change, as a tool for increasing our understanding of each other, and as means of giving creative and cultural expression to our lives.

Photo by Peter Lewis-Dale

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