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Ten Training Videos

Musiko Musika’s extensive work with children under 5, their families and the practitioners who work with them has created our unique programme of Songo publications and this series of short “bite-size” training videos. Each video shares a specific aspect of this work and will give anyone working with under-fives useful ideas, techniques and insights into the powerful way that music can be successfully to develop their musical skills alongside speech and language, personal, social and emotional development.   

Videos: Songo and the Early Learning Goals 

Communication & Language – Pragmatics

Songs that support the development of pragmatics in early speech and language (the use and understanding of language in a social context)

Communication & Language – Prosody & Phonology

Songs and activities that support young children with the development of phonology – producing and articulating the sounds of speech;and prosody

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Songs that can be used for personal, social and emotional development in the early years

Expressive Arts & Design (Music)

Showing a group of children progressing through musical activities that explore different sounds and textures on circle drums

Expressive Arts & Design (Music)

Showing musical activities to develop the foundations of rhythm and a strong sense of musical pulse

Expressive Arts & Design (Music)

Showing a group of children exploring and using a range of musical instruments to engage their creativity and develop their imagination

Videos: Examples of the delivery of activities using specific songs

First Thing in the Morning

Showing the use of actions and spoken dialogue by the practitioner to develop vocabulary and the use of verbs in different tenses, and to elicit verbal responses and imaginative engagement from the children

Good Morning 

Showing the process of learning the song, and activities that provide progression to develop vocal confidence and strong social and communication skills

The Sparkling Sea

Showing the practitioner using creative techniques developing an imaginative use of actions and musical instruments to illustrate the song 

Hi There

Showing how the delivery of this song can be adapted as the children progress and become more confident in singing solos

Our project WE ARE HERE!! (2017-2019) worked to improve the speech and language and parallel musical skills of children aged 2 to 5 years, and created a strong infrastructure of support in the practitioners, families and resources, tackling the detrimental social and educational impacts of delayed speech and language development and poor communication skills. In particular our objective was to develop an effective training and development model for early years settings that would ensure that the programme (the songs, activities and underlying approach) was embedded and implemented long-term. 


You can read and download the full project report here: Project Reports


The project was funded by: the National Foundation for Youth Music, Dr Edwards and Bishop King’s Fulham Charity, and Hammersmith and Fulham Fast Track

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