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Songo's World of Music

Songo’s World of Music is Musiko Musika’s creative response to the fact that there are now millions of small children in the UK staying at home with their parents/ carers without access to the early years activities provided by children’s centres, nurseries, schools and community spaces. The potential negative social, educational and cultural impact is huge, so what can we do that will enable young children to continue to develop and thrive at a crucial time in their young lives in spite of these restrictions? The answer is spending time making music with Songo and engaging and empowering parents and carers in their role as educators.


Songo is the very engaging and loveable character that features in Musiko Musika’s early years work and publications. As we have seen in the international media in these exceptional circumstances making music and singing are a fundamental way in which we can keep happy and positive and reduce social isolation. Songo’s World of Music will bring the fun and magic and all the musical and educational expertise of Musiko Musika’s classes and publications directly into homes with a series of lively and fun online music classes for 2 to 5 year olds five days a week for an initial period of ten weeks.


Network Partners: Making brilliant educational content is only one part of ensuring the success of this project. In order to have an impact it needs to reach families. We already have a network of partners in place around the UK through whom we will be able to connect to over 45,000 families with young children through their schools, early years providers and children’s centres. This network will be informing families about Songo’s World of Music and will be able to include the online resource in their plans for online/ digital learning provision over the coming months. We are building and growing that network on a daily basis and expect it to evolve rapidly enabling the reach of the project to scale up significantly in the next few weeks. 


Email us to join the network

The planned launch date is Monday 27th April, with one new video being released online at 10.00am Monday to Friday from that date. If the production schedule can be shortened we will bring the launch date forward. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on the launch.