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Welcome to the hub for the ECCO Online. This will be the place for you to access the videos and resources we are creating to help all the ECCO players at home with their practice and making music. 


This webpage and the links and resources on the page are only for use by the ECCO and this page is not accessible from the main Musiko Musika website menu. When you want to access this webpage you will need to use the URL:

Videos on YouTube

The videos we are creating and uploading for you are not for public use and so they are “unlisted”. This means that you will need to use the specific links to access the playlists and videos (you will not be able to access the videos by searching YouTube).

We will be adding more videos over the coming weeks.

ECCO Repertoire Playlist

ECCO Del Estero Practice Videos

ECCO Cellos Practice Videos

ECCO Tuning Videos Playlist

ECCO Improvisation & Creative Videos Playlist

Violin & Viola PDFs

Cello PDFs

Kanthan & Veronika



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Secret Santa 

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