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Sing and Learn: Music and English

Our Sing and Learn projects incorporate songs, music and rhythmic games to enable the development of strong speech and English language skills from early years upwards. We have found that musical activities and songs are an effective way to both teach English as a second language, as well as improving the linguistic development of those who have English as their mother tongue. It works because it’s fun, strengthens memory skills and develops auditory and speech skills through the active participation of learners.

"I really loved participating on this course. There are many interesting activities we can do with our students."

"I really loved the training – it gives me energy and motivation to do my best for my students. I also felt happy to know people like you, so kind and lovely. Thanks for everything."

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Sing and Learn: i am here!! (Early years)

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Sing and Learn: i am here!! is a vibrant and stimulating early-years programme of workshops and resources for language development that’s relevant and culturally inclusive in our global society.

Using the songs and activities specially created in partnership with speech and language specialist Helen Ayres, young children are given the opportunity to improve their communication, speech and language skills. These important foundations affect every aspect of education, including literacy, social and emotional development. This unique programme, currently operating in both the United Kingdom and Chile, has not only been designed to help make sure young people make a strong start to their education, but to give them a taste of musicianship as well! As well as workshops, we offer the training and resources for educators to continue the programme long-term.

Click here for our May 2014 report on Sing and Learn: i am here!!

Benefits and Outcomes

We train educators in the skills needed to teach English language skills through song, and share our accumulated resources. We have found that music and song is an effective way to both teach English as a second language, and a great way to bolster linguistic development for those whom English is their mother tongue. It works because it's both fun, memorable and requires active participation from young learners.

We’ve trained educators across the UK and in Coronel, Chile, giving children a chance to learn English through music and song.

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Music & English Resources

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More Information & How to Book

Please get in touch at if you are interested in the Music and English training, workshops or projects including i am here!!

i am here!! Books & CDs

We are currently selling a package consisting of the Sing and Learn: i am here!! book and CD - if this is something you would like for your school or if you need more information, please contact us at

"This has been a great help for us as a teacher. Now I feel confident to continue. I have new strategies for teaching. Thanks a lot!!!"

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