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Musiko Musika creates opportunities for people of all cultures to express themselves through music. Formed by Mauricio Venegas-Astorga and Rachel Pantin in 1998, Musiko Musika has created very successful long-term relationships with schools and communities throughout the UK and abroad. Our model is that of cultural collaboration, and we encourage participants to bring the sounds, songs and stories of their own cultural backgrounds into our music-making projects. We are an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation, and are proud to have Baroness Christine Crawley, Baroness Gabrielle Bertin, Martin Morales and Richard Harvey as our very supportive patrons.

Work with us:
Musiko Musika is seeking a dynamic and highly motivated person to join our team as part-time Business Development Manager, working with us to increase our reach and develop new revenue opportunities as we enter an exciting new phase of development for the organisation. 
For further information download the job description or email us at:
Closing date for applications 10am on Wednesday 14th March 2018

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There are three main strands to Musiko Musika:


Our pioneering Ethnic Contemporary Classical Orchestras (ECCO), spread across schools and communities in London, incorporate the music and culture of the participants' families, and are formed to reflect the contemporary aspirations and creativity of today's young musicians. Our participants are not just performers, and we encourage them (and their families) to take an active role in every step of the music-making process - from playing to songwriting and conducting. In this way, our ECCO groups are more than youth orchestras, becoming hubs for both community cohesion and individual self-expression.

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"I think of it as art that you practise. I think of music as a way to express your personality and the person you are. Music tells a lot about you." - Tenzin, young musician with ECCO

"It's inspiring, multicultural, friendly and fun." - Lucas, young musician with ECCO

World Music Academy

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Our World Music Academy comprises a venue-based programme of instrumental and singing projects and a touring group World Music Academy On The Road. The touring programme offers schools and communities workshops, projects and performances supported by training and resources to create and develop their own world music programmes.

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Sing and Learn

Sing and Learn is a unique programme using songs, rhythmic games and other musical and linguistics activities to enable the development of strong speech and language skills through music from early years upwards. Developed in collaboration with a speech-language specialist, we offer workshops and training as well as books, CDs and video.

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Wherever we can, we also run many one-off projects through the year to support community music-making!

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