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World Music Academy @ Stoneydown

Musiko Musika has developed a unique approach to instrumental teaching that enables children, young people and adults to enjoy learning and making music based on music and teaching styles from around the world. Our team of tutors is qualified and highly experienced, and most importantly they are musicians who are committed to bringing the highest quality of music into schools and the community. The skills learnt through the musicianship of learning an instrument carry into other areas too. It promotes hand-eye co-ordination, arithmetic skills, and good posture!

We want your child to enjoy the creative process of music making, and find their own musical voice - as such, our students take an active role in putting together their repertoires along with their tutors. Music-making is a great way to develop technical skills and express yourself that’s challenging, rewarding, and above all fun! Our instrumental teaching programme is not only open to children from Stoneydown, but other schools as well - if you are interested in your child receiving music lessons from us, please do inquire at

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"Our concept of music was much narrower before Musiko Musika started their project with the school”,. “Since they have been working at Stoneydown, the quality of music played by the pupils has been completely transformed." - Jayne Cominetti, Head Teacher

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