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World Music Academy On The Road

World Music Academy On The Road brings world music to schools and communities across the country that either have poor access to world music or are challenged by cultural diversity. In this way, young people have the opportunity to learn about the cultures and musical traditions of musicians from many different backgrounds but may never otherwise get the chance to meet. By working and performing with them they develop new skills in creative collaboration and as well as an understanding of the rich diversity of the UK.

Participants are introduced to songs, rhythms, and instruments from around the world, and work towards large ensemble performances with other schools in the area. We will also train staff at the schools so that projects can have a lasting impact - our participants often discover a passion for world music that continues long after we’ve left!

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"Musiko Musika are obviously incredibly talented musicians, but they are also skilled educators. And, crucially, they know the difference between the two. The pupils responded warmly too them and loved learning about the different instruments and styles of music from around the world, as did I. They got everyone involved with instruments, singing and even some dancing!" - Charly Richardson, Essex Music Services

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